by second class children

Here are just two of our talented book reviewers.

Read on to find out about some of the books that they have read.

The title of the book I read is SANDY ON HOLIDAY.  The Author of my book is Lucinda Jacob.  Type of my book is a Poolbeg Wren.  The Main Characters are Declan, Katie, Sandy and Elvis.  It was dedicated to Lauren and Stephanie.

The story is about Declan and Katie going on holidays to Nanny’s and Grandads.  It was a long time before they got there.  Everyone groaned and moaned.  Then the next day they went to the beach.  They had a great time.

After a few hours they went home and had dinner.  Then Katie remembered that she had lost Sandy.  When she went to the car with Declan they heard a noise in the dashboard.

Katie said I wonder what is in the dashboard?  My favourite drawing page is number 10.  My favourite part of the book is when they moaned.  Rating O.K

Reviewed by Sarah.
The title of my book is TONGUE-TIED.  Paul Jennings wrote this book.  It was dedicated to Kayle and Andrew.  The publishers are Puffin Books. The book is made up of eight stories.  The stories are all different. Some of the main characters were Lennie, Jason, Mr. Skimpton, and the twins are Gavin and Byron.
Now to tell you about the story called Tongue Tied. “Two hundred and ten dollars?  All that for a fish!  A very special fish!” Would you pay that for a fish?  I certainly wouldn’t.
“I’ve called you Lighthouse for years” (Lennie Lighthouse).  This story is about a boy with luminous teeth. He grew up in an orphanage.  He tries to find his mum. Do you think he will find his mom?
The next story is called Sniffex.  “Remember that kid Boffin I told you about? The one who made his own lie detector and embarrassed the heck out of me?  He made another wacky invention and its called Sniffex. It is a smell detector of all sorts.” I found this story to be one of my favourites.
The next story is called The Hat. I don’t suppose I would read this story again because it didn’t really make sense.
The next story is called Spot the Dog. “OK, OK I admit it I'm not sick but can I still go to the match mum? Sorry but I thought you said you were sick Tony?”  This story is about a boy who saves dogs. Again I don’t think I would read it a second time.
The next story is called Hailstone Bugs. The story is one of the best stories.
“If you multiply one by one,’ says Dad. What do you get? One,’ I say. See now he’s getting mad at me. My dad comes up with so unfair punishments he’s going to punish me now. Your not allowed to use the headlopper for two weeks,’ says Dad.”
This story is called Shake.  “Look at this ,’ yelled Gavin. He pulled a box gently out of the ground where I had been digging in the vegetable patch. It’s mine,’ I yelled. Grabbing the box off him.”
My favourite story was the last story, which was called Popping Off.  There was a young boy and his father looking for a place to live but they were finding it hard as they had a dog.  It is very funny so you will have to read it and see what you think. 
Some of the stories I would read over and over again because I find them very funny and exciting.  Some of the stories I wouldn’t because I found them a bit confusing and silly.  Some of the characters were funny, mean, rich, dreamy, weird and suspicious.
Reviewed by Elaine.