Second Class recently attended Cork Pops Orchestra. We were so impressed that we decided to write reports on the event, just like real reporters like Charlie Bird on RTE!!!

Report 1 by - Bertie and John:
My class and I went to the CORK POPS ORCHESTRA.  We went on a Bus.  When we got there, we opened the door and it was huge inside.  We went up the stairs to the balcony. The music was good.  They played Day-Oh, it was brilliant.  We enjoyed it. My class and I thought that the instruments and orchestra were very good.  There were a lot of people came from different schools.  The Conductor was Evelyn Grant.  It was the 13th of the 11th 2002.  
Report 2  - by IRENE Ní CHIARDHA

My class and I went to the CORKS POPS ORCHESTRA.  It was last week on Monday it was great fun there.  The music was very good.  There was a gorilla he was funny.  It was on in City Hall.  The Conductor was Evelyn Grant.  They gave out newspapers.  We prepared our selves before we went.

Report 3 - by Cathal Murphy
They played lovely tunes.  We had great fun.  They played Day-Oh and they played Bolivia.  They are my favourite stories.  
Report 4 - by Grace McCarthy
Other classes came too.  Different schools came as well.  The band sang ''Óró mo Bháidin'' – it was very good.  I hope everybody liked it.