Junior Infants

There are 24 children in Mrs O’Donovan’s Junior Infants.There are 10 Boys and 14 Girls. The average age is 5yrs old. The location of the classroom is at the front on the right hand side of the school. They are next door to Mrs. Kelleher’s 2nd colourful t-shirts.

They enjoy their first year at big school. They have lots of new friends. They are learning a lot of different poems such as “lámh, lámh eile a haon a do”, and "is féidir liom”. They are very good at learning there poems, and they love to play with the toys in their classroom.

Everyday they have different news to tell.Here is some of their news:


Meadbh will go to the toy shop

Sophie saw a dead fox

Zara found chestnuts

Kevin will get a scrambler bike

Tommie has a blue tractor

Abi can do flips and jumps

Aidan likes to jump high

Sam can bounce

Rory saw a dead hedgehog

Tim has a cuddly teddy bear

Nikki has her friends at home

Louise has a new friend