A Letter from our Chairman

Dear Parents

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Garrett O’Keeffe and last November I was elected as Chairman of your association. My fellow Committee members are Paula O’Shea (Vice-Chair) , Ann O’Riordan (Treasurer) and Fiona McCarthy (Secretary). We also have many committee members who give generously of their time and who are always willing to help out.

Firstly I want to congratulate Mary Fouhy and her committee on the great job they have done over the last few years in representing you the parents and in raising some much needed funds for a variety of projects.

The role of the Parents Association is to provide a structure through which parents in a school can work together for the best possible education for our children. The Parents Association works with the Principal, the Staff and the Board of Management to build effective partnerships between home and school.

Since our AGM in November we have already had a significant success in one area. It was identified by the committee that the provision of a dedicated room for the schools' computers would be a good project for us to lobby for. I am delighted to say that the board of management has agreed to this and with the government policy of providing broadband to all schools it should mean a better IT education for all of the pupils.

We have also been spending some time fundraising for any special projects that may arise in the future. To date we have had a couple of Rainbow days and an Easter Egg raffle. Each of these events raises in excess of €500 and we are extremely grateful for the support provided by the parents.

Future events include another raffle , a rainbow day and a sponsored walk(which everyone is welcome to join). We will also continue to provide the tea service to the parents and guests of the First Communion children , in the school on the morning of the Communion. We will also be providing the tracksuits service this year.

Parking continues to be a big issue for parents. I would ask parents to please obey the “No Parking” bay right in front of the gates – it is there for a reason.We need to be careful when it comes to our childrens safety. It is also frustrating for the law-abiding parents when they see the same offenders every day pulling up to the gates and endangering the safety of all children.

We have lobbied one of our local councillors , Aindrias Ó Muineacháin , to put a footpath in from the school up to Eire Og Gaa Pitch. This issue is with the council at the moment and I will update you all as soon as we have any news.

Finally please be assured that this committee has the best of intentions but we do not have a monopoly on good ideas and we would always welcome suggestions from any parent on how we could fundraise or what project would be agood one for us to pursue.

There are a number of ways in which we can be contacted. We have a basket in the school office which is checked regularly and I am happy to take phone calls from any parent.


  Garrett O’Keeffe