Spellathon 05

Ovens N.S. sent 5 teams to the first round.
Two teams emerged in the top 10 and one team came 5th in the Final.
Well done to all who participated.

Here are some accounts of those who participated in the Spellathon 
as well as photos of some of the teams.

Barry says:
I was recently in the Spellathon which took place on Wednesday, March 2nd with my team mates Michael Kelleher, Jack McCarthy and Danny Murphy. Our class sent in tow other teams with 5th class sending in one. All the Ovens teams worked hard and I would like to thank Mrs. O’Callaghan who held a mini-spellathon on the day for all four teams and then held Spellathons for our team and the successful 5th class team. The Spellathon final took place on March 16th at
four o’clock . The big day arrived and you could feel the tension in the air. You could cut it with a knife. All teams wanted to win and knew there was no room for error. After the first round the tension grew even greater with most teams getting ten out of ten. As the rounds progressed weariness began to show with some teams making silly mistakes. Eventually winners were crowned with our 5th class coming in 5th place.

Jack McCarthy writes:

In the final we got 69 out of 100 and came ninth. Fifth class got 80 out of 100 and came fifth. They won a DVD player for the school.