Third Class 2003 - 2004

Our School Concert
Wednesday the 28th of April 2004, I was getting ready at home for the Ovens N.S. school concert .I was so excited. I had a shower and got dressed into my school uniform. My neighbour collected me and we went to the concert. I went to my classroom, I was second in. We played some games and then we got called up to Eire Óg. Finally we went on stage. We were rushing all over the stage getting into our places. We played the tin-whistles. Then third class said two poems, Nine o’clock bell and Heard it in the playground. Then we got into the Cór Fhéile positions. The intruments for the Cór Fhéile were: tin-whistles, bodhrán, flute, violin and concertina. It was so much fun. We went back to the class and played more games. We sang some songs and then I went home.

                                               by Elaine Scally