Third Class 2004 - 2005



On Thursday the 14th of April we went to the Cór  Fhéile with 4th class. We went in with our Moms and Dads. I brought Niall Walsh with me. We were there at 6.50PM . We waited in the waiting room. It was huge! We talked and played in the waiting room. Then we went in to the City Hall. They had a draw to see who would be 1st 2nd or 3rd on stage, and the rest we were 3rd. Jack O’Rourke was our piano player. We were singing and playing our tin whistles.

James and Donnchadh were playing the bodhrán. The songs and tunes were ‘Oró Sé do Bheatha Bhaile’, ‘Bantry Girls’ Lament’, and ‘An Poc ar Buile’. Emma Galvin slipped when she was dancing but carried on really well. We didn’t like when they clapped during our piece. We enjoyed the other pieces. At half time we got ice cream. I left my ice-cream for a long time. It melted because of the heat, it was hot. I drank it!

We enjoyed the other school’s pieces. I liked the Juniors and Seniors pieces the most. They were funny. At the end Norma and Killian went up to get the certificate. Seconds after that our Moms and Dads came up to collect us. We went to the cool toilets.  They were cool because they had a fountain for a tap. We had trouble finding Dad but we found him in the end. We had drink and Easter eggs in the car. We drank and ate. We dropped Niall home. We had toast and hot chocolate when we got home. Then we went to bed.

By: John McCarthy