Third Class 2004 - 2005



We went to the Cór Fhéile last night. We had to be there at five to seven but the show started half past seven . First of all there was a draw where you see are you first or second and so on. We came out third and the songs we sang were “Oró Sé do Bheath Abhaile” where our class and some of 4th class sang while the rest of 4th played the tin whistle.

When we sang the “Bantry Girls Lament” most 4th class and us played the tin whistle but Niamh, Hannah, Patrick and a few from 4th sang. In “An Puc ar Buile” all of our class sang besides Siobhán and most of 4th class and then we all played the tin whistle except Karen, Niamh and Emma from 4th because they were Irish dancing. My Dad and my brother was there and it was in the City hall. 

We had ice-cream at the break and there was about 12 acts in it. My favourite one was “Billy no Buzz” or the one where they all dressed up as priests. I like the Cór Fhéile because everybody’s a winner. On the way down from the stage teacher took all of our tin whistles from us and gave them back to us the next day. On the way home my dad brought my brother to Four star pizza and brought it home to us.

By: Jean