Third Class 2004 - 2005


 Write-a-Book Project

Third Class Were recently involved in the Write-a-Book Project which was organised by Ballincollig Public Library. Some of the children in our class have written about their experiences. Click on the links below to find out more about this and other activites that we have been involved in!

We all (3rd class) made loads of books and gave them into the library. Loads of people went to see them. There were loads of different types of books. There was car books, ghost books, a joke book, a poetry book (by me) mystery books ,and just plain books. The books are meant to be in the library for two weeks, but they might be in for a week longer. One school made a big book about “Goldilocks’ and the three bears”.

There is a sheet of paper, where you write the name of the book, and write your comments about that book. Here is a poem that I wrote in my poetry book, and it’s about books.

I love to read books
It’s so much fun,
And when I am reading
I like to eat a bun,

Nice books, scary books even poetry books,
As long as it’s a book
I would read it,
No matter how long it took.

Hannah O Sullivan