Third Class 2007 - 2008

 Teacher: Mr Lynch
Boys: 12
Girls: 10
Computer Time: 1:30 2:00
Drama: Fri 9:30 10:00
PE: Mon 10:00 10:30
Music: Tue 10:00-10:30

Every Friday and Monday morning people from sixth class go to do reading with the third class. They are great readers.  

By: Billy Hurley And Mary Clare

We are busy practising ready for our Feis on 20th Feb at 10:30am

We are saying 2 poems;

  • U.S. Flies and Hamburger

  • The Alice Jean


Food Dudes
(what the children said!)

  • Its excellent and really healthy

  • Its good to encourage us to eat fruit and veg.

  • The food is delicious and really fresh


We are also starting a project about Spain

Lent is on the way and we are thinking about what well give up!

We are looking forward to getting our MS Readathon prizes & certificates after raising 1471 in the readathon.