Write-a-Book Competition 2005

Report by Kevin Deasy:

One afternoon we decided to write a book because there was a write a book competition so we decided us sixth class that we would have a go anyway.

So first of all we had to decide how many paragraphs we would have.  My teacher Mrs O’Callaghan said to get out an old copy and write as many words as possible to do with your story.

So we did and we had to think of how many pages and things.  So I decided to do my book on a pop band called McFly.  I did my book on Mcfly because they are a boy band and they are good enough.  When I had written my book I entered some pictures about the boys.

My teacher took our books down to the Ballincollig library the books were down in the library for about four weeks there was a lot of people admiring our books then my teacher went down and brought them back then the 3rd class teacher and the children wanted to see them the boys and girls thought they were very good.