Write-a-Book Competition 2005

Report by Mairéad Dinneen:

Shortly after Christmas our teacher Mrs O’Callaghan decided that each pupil in our class would write a fiction book. It took us all a while to decide what we’d write about in our book but Mrs O’Callaghan gave us many work-sheets to help us make that decision.

When we all knew what we were writing about we started brainstorming for ideas. Most children wrote about either an under-water story or something like “The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe”. At around early April when we were all finished our teacher took our books to Ballincollig library where they were on public display.

My story (The Secret Garden) was about a girl called Katie who even though her brother Bam told her not to she skated on his skateboard and was transported to a secret garden in France while Ban was at soccer practice with his friend Matt. But nobody not even the French knew that the garden was there!