Write-a-Book Competition 2005

Report by Martha Ewence:

Marian O’Callaghan (my teacher) has a friend who is a publisher and she gave us one of Siobhán Parkinsons latest books “Second Fiddle”. The publisher needed a few people to read (mostly girls as the book was aimed at girls).  I volunteered and it was a very good book.  Then I had to write a review about how much I enjoyed it, what it was about and what age group I would recommend it for. After that teacher sent them away.  A few other girls read the book too. We all hope they were helpful!

The book was about a girl called Mags who was one day walking through the woods when she heard melodious violin music.  She looked up through the trees and saw a little wooden hut on the balcony of this hut sat a girl called Gillian playing a violin.  After this Mags comes to hear Gillian’s story and decides she needs her help even though Gillian isn’t so sure…