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Book Rental Scheme


Book Rental Scheme in School


As requested by the Parents’ Association, the following is how the book rental scheme works in our school.

Ovens N.S. has been running a book rental scheme for over ten years, one of the first schools to do so.  The way the scheme operates is that the school funds are used to buy some books for a particular class (all books are not bought through the scheme) e.g. Maths, English and Irish books for 30 sixth class children costs the school about €1,500 to buy. These books are then rented out to pupils each year at a much lower price than would be the case if the parents had to buy them new or second hand.  The school, over time, recoups their outlay and the parents save money on their book bill each year.

            However, as we are moving from having one class in each year to two classes per year, the school is having to spend more of its money each year buying these books.  Books also get torn/worn or out of date and so have to be replaced as well, which means that the outlay from the schools’ finances is constant.  This scheme only works when supported by all parents and we thank you for that support. See below for examples of how the scheme saves you money.

Sixth class: Parents pay €40 and pupils get 15 text books and three novels for that.  These would cost €120 approx.  Saving to parents – €80

Fourth  class: Parents pay €35 and pupils get 7 text books and two novels for that.  These would cost €95 approx. Saving to parents – €60.

Senior infants: Parents pay €20 and pupils get 4 English Readers, foolscap/memorandum/sums and project copies, paired reading books and a licence for a new Interactive Irish scheme. These would cost €40 approx. Saving to parents – €20.

Thank you.

Ovens N.S.