The Comenius Project


Phase 3 ~ The CD-Rom

This work is the beginning of a development, which can continue on in future years. Many of the stories and interesting data from this historically wealthy area will be in electronic format. This will ensure their endurance and their availability for future generations. Children will begin to have an awareness of their local area. There is enough history in Ovens alone to fill a curriculum for many years. A local history quiz was held in the school. There were a huge number of entries and the first all-correct answers out of the box were:

  1. Ciarán Hutchinson

  2. Gráinne Hutchinson

  3. Niamh Eliot

  4. Alanna  Murphy

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all those who took part

Encouraging children to use computers and technology in a constructive manner is another aim of the project. Scanning pictures, recording voices and using programmes such a s PowerPoint is giving children an opportunity to gain first-hand experience  of modern technology. The final product should be a testament to the work undertaken.