The Comenius Project


"Children's Literature through Fingers"

Ovens N.S. became involved in this Comenius Project in 1999 when staff member 
Marian O'Callaghan travelled to Sweden to participate in a collaborative educational 
conference. The conference concluded with the devising of a group project entitled 
"Children's Literature through Fingers."


History of the Project: Phase 1

Phase 1 of the project involved the production of a multi-lingual book and was produced by the children of 5th class. This class chose to illustrate and translate Frank Murphy's book "Charlie Harte and his Two Wheeled Tiger". At the end of the year each participating school forwarded a copy of the book they produced to all the other schools. The books from all the participant schools are currently in 5th class in Ovens NS. The books are very attractive and interesting. The children discussed the stories and the presentation of each book. Frank Murphy, author of the Irish book "Charlie Harte and his Two Wheeled Tiger" visited the school and was very impressed with the version of his book that the Ovens children produced for the Comenius Project. The pupils of the schools involved in the project have exchanged letters and e-mails. The children in Ovens have learned lots about the other countries through project work and research.