The Comenius Project


Making the Video

November 2000 ~ Planning Meeting in Portugal attended by Marian O'Callaghan

        ~   Selection of Story "The Children of Lir"
        ~   Script composed by Grace Donovan & Marian in consultation with Helen Hallissey.
        ~   Music composed by 5th & 6th Class children with Johnny McCarthy - Music 
             Teacher. John Slattery's tune chosen as theme. 23 musicians learn pieces.
        ~   Song "Fadó, Fadó" composed by Johnny
        ~   5th class children learn script under direction of Geraldine Foley, 1st Class prepare to 
             mime drama.
        ~  School Concert
        ~  DanJoe Kelliher asked to film drama - little did he know what he was letting himself in for!!!!
        ~   Milstreet Country Park, Kilcrea Abbey and Kilcrea Castle selected as ideal locations.
        ~   Mrs. O'Callaghan's bus hired to transport us to Milstreet
        ~   We wait for a fine day!!!
        ~   Filming on location in Kilcrea Abbey - DanJoe, Johhny, Geraldine & Mary as well as
             Grace and Marian organise 75 children - what a day - such glorious weather - what
             great shots!