The Comenius Project


Phase 3 ~ The CD-Rom

In Phase 3 of the Comenius Project “Children’s Literature Through Fingers” we made a CD  ROM based on the story of Diarmaid agus Gráinne. Each class in the school  contributed some material to the CD-ROM.

  • The Infants coloured some old sayings and some local place-names.

  • 1st and 2nd  acted the story of Diarmaid agus Gráinne and these scenes were captured using a digital video camera.
  • 3rd class looked at the environment, as well as researching historical aspects of the parish.

  • 4th class recorded a song from the local area

  • 5th class wrote about the Abbey 

  • 6th class drew pictures of the story and presented them both in Irish and in English through the medium of Power Point

Johnny recorded music which he and the pupils of 2nd  class composed.  The class are working on a song which tells the Diarmaid and Gráinne story in the Irish language.

Jennifer worked with the teachers in gathering all the information for the CD Rom.