Comenius Week
   June 9th - 13th, 2003


The rain has poured constantly since early morning and we are dashing in and out of the minibus during the above visits. On to Ovens N.S. for lunch. Rolls and cakes purchased at Jim Bobs have been organised by Alacoque. We have a lovely lunch in the school and prepare for a tour of the local area in Ovens. Our guide for the local tour is Nora Lynch. This lady has a very comprehensive knowledge of the history and folklore of the locality. An eloquent speaker, Nora brought along some photos which added to her presentation.

We set off in the minibus to tour the Ovens area. It was pouring rain and so the view was greatly impeded. We went to Kilcrea Abbey but couldn’t go to Kilcrea Castle because it was too wet. Up over Currabeg and looking down over the River Lee was the next part of our trip. We abandoned the tour and retreated to the accommodation a lot earlier than planned.