Cycling Safety Training Course

Our school staged a course in cycling safety training run by the Cycling Safety and Skills School.

The training proves invaluable to everyone. For those who already cycle to school, the benefits are obvious, but training is just as important for children who cycle only at home and during the holidays. In fact, everyone who will ever get on a bike needs to learn how to use it safely and needs to learn the skills to recognise danger on the road and how to react to it.

If more children learn to cycle safely and make the journey to school by bicycle, there should be far less traffic on the roads at school time, making an altogether safer environment for our children.

Also, by teaching children to cycle safely, and by encouraging them to cycle in the course of their daily lives, we are putting in place the habit of exercise at a time when obesity amongst children is on the rise, and lack of exercise in our youngsters is a growing cause for concern.

The course  consisted of 6 practical lessons with the pupils (bikes, helmets and raingear will be supplied) covering safe equipment, rules of the road, starting and stopping, road positioning, shoulder checking, turning left and right, overtaking and traffic manoeuvres. The emphasis of the course was on safety through control of the bike and awareness of surroundings. At the end of the course, each child was given a certificate of participation.