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Egg Free Zone

Ovens NS is an ‘Egg-Free Zone’

Egg Free School

Our school has now become an ‘Egg Free Zone.’ This means that eggs and products containing raw eggs are not allowed in school. The Egg Free Zone was introduced because a pupil in our school has a severe egg allergy that is life threatening. Even minimum contact can cause an extreme reaction. We would request that these products (e.g. mayonnaise, coleslaw etc.) be omitted from your children’s lunch boxes. Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Due to a request from the Parents’ Association, we wish to update you on the school’s ‘Egg Free’ status. The above notice was posted on our blog on the 17th September. Most of the information therein still stands. However, the child with this egg allergy was recently tested by a pediatrician and passed her challenge with cakes that had well-cooked egg in them. This means that other children may bring plain home baked scones, queen cakes, buns etc.. to school, if they wish, from now on.

However, raw eggs, mayonnaise, coleslaw, hard boiled eggs, scrambled or fried eggs are too dangerous to the health of the child in question to be brought in.

There was also a query on why we had to have an egg free zone for the whole school (which includes staff) and the reason is that if the child has contact with, for example mayonnaise on her skin, she may have a severe reaction and could be fatal. As we aim to keep all the children of Ovens N.S. as safe and healthy as possible while in our care, we feel these precautions must be taken.

We were also told that there is some confusion between this policy and our healthy Eating Policy.   Our Healthy Eating Policy can be found on our website under “school Policies” if anyone needs clarification on it.

We hope this clears up any confusion. The school and family in question, thanks everyone for their continued co-operation.