Feis Maitiú 07

By Sarah Cuddihy
Feis Maitiú

This year for the 6th class Feis Maitiú we are doing an Irish poem and a song of our choice. For our song we are doing “We’re all in this this together “ from”High School Musical” a movie that was on a kids channel lately which most of us have seen. I brought in the C.D and we picked “We’re all in this together”.

We are having great fun with making up the dance for it. Some of us know the dance that was used in the movie so we are doing some of the dance that was used in the movie which is cool!  The Action Song competition will be on Thursday, February 8th at 4.30 p.m.in the afternoon. We will give it a go anyway.

We will  soon be picking the Irish poems for the Irish Choral Verse competition  and this  competition will be on  Friday, March 23rd  at 10.45 a.m.