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Important protest by 4th class

Last week (7th April 03) Emma & Ali complained about the Nestle Yorkie Easter Eggs boxes. On their products they have "It's Not For Girls". The two girls wrote a strong letter of complaint to Nestle. All the other girls signed it too. Barry Aldworth noticed all the activity, asked what was going on and wrote out his own letter of protest - all the boys in the class signed it because they didn't agree with the ad and thought it was unfair.

        Their teacher suggested that they send a copy of the protest letters to "The Den". R.T.E. were very interested and when they rang the school to arrange a visit to 4th class, the excitement was enormous.

        The camera crew arrived on Thursday the 10th of April (Confirmation Day!) and all the children were thrilled to see them. They came into the prefab and filmed the whole class and interviewed Emma, Ali and Barry. Everyone was delighted and will be looking at "News 2Day" to see themselves.