Junior Infants

Two classes of Junior Infants started school in September. All 62 are settling in well and enjoy the various activities of the day. We all hope that they have a happy and enjoyable first year in school. The Junior Infant Classes have kept a diary throughout the year to let you know how they are getting on. Find out all about their activities and read their news!

Fionn can cycle now

Ciarán was on a farm

Alan and Brian are six

Daniel will get bricks now

Emma will go to a party

Eoin won a trophy

Grace can swim too

Sean will get a new fence

Rachel went bowling

Áine got a gold fish


Last Wednesday, 12th March, both Junior Infants classes had great fun planting summer bedding plants.  We set pansies, primulas and some strawberry plants.  They are now growing beautifully in the courtyard.  We will water them regularly and look forward to lots of colour for the summer.

In addition to the usual news, Junior Infants have a special treat for you this month! They have written a story, called "Lost and Found". Click on the link to read it!
Junior Infants: Marian Donovan's Class
January News:
Kate got a blue skirt.

Alan won a prize.

Brian got a plane.

Shaun got a black dog.

Amy made a tower.  

Eoin dug the garden.

Keith got a scooter.

David got a new car.

Shauna and Katie are five now.

Matthew got a new book.  

Junior Infants: Marian Donovan's Class continued

November News:

Aoife got a skipping rope.

Áine went to see Nana.

Kate & Claire are five now.

Lucy went to Fota.

Shauna has a new sister.  

Graham has a blue slide .

Fionn went to the circus.

Emma will have visitors.

Darragh went to the pool.

Aoife & Eoin are five now.

Claire has animal stickers.

Conor was on a tractor.

Daniel got a new gun.  


Junior Infants: Linda Allman's Class:

October News:

Amy is 5 now.

Shaun visited his cousins.

Kate will go to a party.

Cathal was on a train.

Kate has a gold fish.

Leighann has a new sister.

David helps his dad.

Adam broke his hand.

September News:

Luke has a tree house.  

Rachel was on a train.

Leighann has a new sister.

Kate will get a goldfish.

Cathal was on a train.

Ciara has a gold fish.

Matthew was a page boy.

Sean has a black gate.

Adam will get a library book.