Junior Infants

October Planting News:

In October we all went into the courtyard and planted daffodil and tulip bulbs in pots and baskets. 
We helped fill the baskets with compost and then we put in the bulbs.   Mr Lynch, Jennifer, James
and Alacoque helped us. We need to keep the bulbs watered and fed, some 6th class children help
us with this. We can see the shoots already.  It is very exciting and we are looking forward to the
spring time when they will be flowering.

October News:
Kieran has a silver bike at home.
John is going to the cinema to see "Finding Nemo".
Liam went to Cathal's house to play table soccer.
Daire is starting gymnastics soon.
Nicole went to the cinema to see "Finding Nemo".
Brian's sister Aisling was christened on Saturday.
Melissa is going swimming next week.
Lauren is going swimming on Friday.
Gillian's sister is sick today.
Patrick's Dad is taking him to a monster show.
Ciara is going to a wedding on Saturday.
Chloe met Melissa in Ballincollig.
Oscar will be gardening tomorrow.
Kayleigh has a Barbie scooter at home.
Chelsea saw Philip in Super Value.
Conor saw "Finding Nemo" with his dad.
Caoimhe went to two parties on the same day.
Leon went on a green slide.
Philip goes swimming with his Mum and Dad.
Jack is going to Wales with his Mum and Dad.
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