Junior Infants

September News:

David went to a hotel.
Kim got a pink ice-cream.
Katie went to visit her nana.

Liam went to Wilton.
Ciara went to her Nanny's house.
John has a goldfish called Goldie.
Kayleigh is going to her neighbours house after school.
Kieran has two sisters.  They are Sinead and Orlagh.
Melissa has a friend named Trudy.
Gillian is getting a new bunk bed.
Patrick made a sandcastle.
Oscar was sick yesterday.
Lauren saw Ciara in the shop last night.

Fionán went to see the Cork team.
Eoin got a puppy.
Jayne was on a hill.

Philip was in a truck with his Dad.
Chelsea went to the airport.
Caoimhe went to Wilton and got a new book.
Chloe's grandad made a necklace for her.
Conor has a horse chestnut tree in his garden.
Brian is going to Chuckies on Saturday.
Nicole has a brother called Daniel.
Leon has a sister called Amy.
Daire has two cousins in Senior Infants.
Jacks favourite toy is Peter Pan.