"Lost and Found"
a story by Junior Infants!

It was a sunny day.  Daddy was working in the garden.  He was hammering a nail into the fence.  When the fence was finished Daddy put on his jumper. He put his bag on his shoulder and went in home.  But, Daddy had dropped his hammer on the ground and he forgot to put it back into his bag. 

                                    It was now winter.  The seasons had changed.  Stephen and Fiona were playing in the garden.  They wore their coats, hats and boots.  Fiona and Stephen were playing "chase".  Suddenly, Fiona fell on the ground beside the tree.  What did she see?  She saw Dad's hammer.  Fiona picked up the hammer.  Stephen and Fiona ran up to the house and knocked on the front door.  Dad opened the door and when he saw the hammer that he had lost, he was very happy.  Dad was so happy that he treated Fiona and Stephen to a happy meal at McDonalds.

Junior Infants