Our New Classroom by 4th Class.

This year Ovens N.S. has a new classroom. 

The children arrived on 2nd September and were eager to catch a glimpse of the new modern spacious pre-fab that was to be the new classroom for 4th Class.

There was a fresh smell of paint and it is bigger than the other class rooms.

We were delighted with all the admirers we received to see this new class room and we call it our little school.  We felt as thought we were famous. 

It has lovely new carpet with a fire escape door and wheelchair ramp, there is a white board instead of a blackboard and only 4 posters on the walls.  It has 3 places to hang your coats with 12 hangers.  We have lovely new toilets.  There is a new press of games, chess, draughts and cards.  There is also a phone at the top of the class room and an intercom.
We are very proud of it because we are the first into it and it makes us feel special.

Mr Murphy and Ms Bernard have rooms in the pre-fab.

And we also have a lovely new teacher, Ms OGrady.  We love when she sends us on  jobs to the office as we have to walk across the yard. 

We are as busy as beavers writing, reading and learning how to play the spoons and of course decorating our walls with new charts and drawings.