Orienteering 2005

Orienteering by Barry Aldworth

Hello, this is Barry Aldworth reporting on the orienteering in which 6th class took part. The class part organised but it was mainly organized by our teacher and an assistant with an orienteering background Lyn Stam.

We were lucky in the way that Lyn was able to supply all of the equipment but for the maps of the schoolground which was where we did it. We were each given a map and Lyn then went around placing the flags and writing up the clues to help us find the flags. Some of the flags were difficult to find but most were easy. The harder ones were so difficult that some orienteering experts could not find them.  It was a very enjoyable activity and something everyone and anyone could do because you donít need to be agile or intelligent to do this. One thing you do need is a map and a compass. Anyone who is reading this I would encourage them to give it a try because it is a very enjoyable activity in which old and young can take part together as win or lose you will really enjoy yourself with this activity and you would never know get good at this today and you could be exploring the world tomorrow.