Orienteering 2005

Aoife writes the following:

This year Ovens 6th class did orienteering for P.E. Lyn organised it for us. She put coloured cards with letters on them all around the schoolyard and down in our playing field. Then we would write down each letter to find a word. We were put into eight groups of four for this. I was in group seven with Carolin, Killian and Barry. That was the first week.

        The second week it was the same teams. We had the coloured cards except we answered questions. We each got a clipboard, a map of the school grounds and an answer sheet.

        The third week we went in pairs, we each got a map and a sheet. We then gad to go from post to post and write down the letter combination, example 1NX 2OW and so on. We picked the winners; the first pair back with all the answers right WERE THE WINNERS. Roisin and Killian won. I was with Micheal O’Shea.