Denise ORegan from sixth class wrote the following:

After the bank holiday on a Tuesday the 7th of June 2005 it was our turn to do pottery. A lady named Margret helped us to do pottery. We did the pottery in the top of the hall. In the hall there was a long table with a cloth on it.
There were thirty-three of us in the class who did pottery on Tuesday.

We did it for an hour and we made a bowl and we had to make food from the pottery clay from different countries. I made supugert with meatballs. Some people made china’s food from pottery and from other different countries.

After when we made those she called us up one by one. We went to the box with a spin on it. I made a bowl and others made a flower vase. We get a board, yellow pin and a yellow knife to make our pottery. It was a great day!