News from Second Class

Last Updated 22-05-2003
Talent Show
A talent show was held on the 15th of April. These are the comments from some of our reporters:
Aisling writes:
The talent show was on Tuesday 15th of April All of the acts were fantastic. Aonghus won 1st prize as a pianist.
Neil writes:
We did the talent show today. There were a lot of prople in the talent show. When the judges decided who the winners were we had a raffle. They picked out two numbers for each class. One got a big Easter Egg and the other got a packet of eggs.
Aidan writes: 
The talent show was on today. It was fun. Lots of people in our class Grace, Norma, Aonghus did a solo. Neil won in the raffle. He got an M &M Easter egg and everyone was very good.
Daniel writes:
There was a lot of people doing the talent show. Aonghus won first prize. He  was playing the piano. Everyone was good in the talent show. My big brother was playing the piano. We had a raffle. Neil won an Easter egg.
Cór Fhéile
Irene writes:
We went to the City Hall. It was so much fun and there were people doing Annie and  Oliver. We got a certificate. I loved it We got ice-cream in a tub because if we got ice lolls they would drip all over us.

Sarah writes:
We went to the City hall on the 4th of April 2003. 1st class came too, it was a big stage. There were loads of people there. We were doing “There is a song for every season” and “Mother earth”. Mrs Foley helped us. I really liked it.

Niamh writes:
1st and 2nd class went to the city hall. I really, really liked it.

Our School Garden:
Bertie writes about our school garden.  I watered the flowers and put water in the bird table. We wanted the small birds to get some food but the crows ate it all. 
Continuing the garden story Karyn writes
 One day we sat tulips, daffodils and lots of more flowers. We got a bird table but crows kept eating the seeds. However they are gone now but they will come back. Back to the flowers.  The flowers wouldn’t grow so we watered them and it worked.
Laura writes
Our school garden is a lovely flower place to see. We have lovely flowers. There are different colours. Ones I like the best are the Sweet Williams. I put some soil in a tray and other people put their flowers in. We did this routine over and over. We have a bird table but the crows are beating us. The little birds are not getting any food. We are trying to help the birds but the crows are still getting the food.
Scott writes
Our school garden has lots of flowers like sweet Williams, Daffodils and tulips. There is a bird table in our school garden. The crows steal all the nuts. We had one of the small feeders and the crows kept knocking it down.
Filming for the CD-ROM
Jennifer was filming us for a CD rom. We were doing it outside. I am a cook in the CD rom. It is for Diarmuid and Gráinne. It was so much fun. We dressed up in costumes. We had to make redberries as well

Diarmaid agus Gráinne. I am a servant Our costumes are cool. We tie-dyed them. -----Emma

We filmed the banquet scene. We filmed the Hill of Tara and the Fianna. We filmed the musicians and cooks. It was really very good I love dressing up for it.   Jessie

Daniel writes:
We are doing a CD-ROM of Diarmaid agus Gráinne. It’s great fun. We made costumes, swords and other things. Robbie was ugly as the giant. I’m Conán Maol. I’m fat and bald and bad-tempered. Colin is Diarmaid and Kate  is Gráinne.

Donnacha writes:
Johnny McCarthy, Aonghus’ dad recorded us on the tin-whistle. Louis helped Johnny to record. He put up four microphones. He recorded Súantraí then the main theme and last the battle. It was really fun. At the end we went over to the pre-fab. He recorded us because we were doing a play called Diarmuid agus Gráinne and we needed the tunes.

Sarah  writes:
“We went recording for the CD of Diarmaid agus Gráinne. The songs were “The Battle. “Ar gceol Féín and   the Suantraí. It was great fun.

Cathal writes:
Johnny Mcarthy taught us how to play the tin whistle. We recorded on the tin whistle. We recorded on the 27th of March 2003. I am a warrior.

Feis Maitiu Win!!!
Click on the link here to find out how we got on in the Feis Maitiu Competition this year!
Book Reviews
Our class has been learning all about how to write book reviews. Read all about it!!!
Shared Reading
Shared reading takes place on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings from 9.30 to 10.00. Parents come in and hear the children reading. This is an excellent opportunity for our children and we are very grateful to all parents who participate in the scheme. We have great range of books and we really enjoy our shared reading sessions.
Swimming began on Friday, 18th October for 2nd and 3rd Classes. Swimming has finished for now but Indoor hurling begins soon!