News from Second Class

Failte go Rang 2

The School Garden
We were looking forward to see who would win the garden competition. It was we who won. Teacher and 1st class teacher had to go to Limerick . They were so surprised that it said on a card that we were the hottest school in the country. We got €150. We got it because we had beautiful flowers, bird house and lot of things. I love the courtyard . I planted a flower. The whole class planted flowers. We pour water all over the flowers. by Siobhán

We have two gardens in our school – one for new planted trees and our courtyard. There are lovely bright coloured flowers in our garden. There’s a wormery and a birdhouse. The moss peat is very dark and steep. The class pulled the grass which had grown around the trees in the woodland. We made room for the trees to grow. We saw ants, ladybirds and lots of other insects and minibeasts when we were cleaning around the trees. by Gráinne