Sixth Class News!


Last Updated 21st February 2004

Our Confirmation Mass

This year our class is getting our Confirmation. We are mostly excited but also very nervous. The Confirmation is a very big part in our lives and should not be taken for granted. We had
a Mass earlier this year to start our path to Confirmation. All our families were there and we
sang hymns and had Communion. It was a great night. Everyone was given a sheet with
certain prayers and responses that we are to learn for Confirmation.

By Oonagh O'Brien

Our Plays

Sixth Class are doing plays for R.T.E. radio! We have begun recording the plays with Johnny, the music teacher in our school and with the help of our Speech & Drama teacher, Mrs. Foley. There are four plays in our class, one is "The Graciosa Adventure". Another is "Meet the Star". "Sleeping Beauty" is the third and last is an extract from "Mary-Kate and Ashley". The plays have to be 15 minutes long and are to be recorded by December the 22nd. Good Luck to all taking part in this competition.

By Aisling Cronin