Talent Show!

Orla Boyle:

Seeing as it’s our last year in Ovens N.S., Ali Hayes, Emma O’Sullivan, Roisin Murray, Claire Meaney, Eimear O’Shaughnessy and I (Orla Boyle) have decided to have a Talent Show. Before we started anything we got permission from our teacher and Mr. Lynch. After that we made posters and put them up around the school. Everyone was talking about it and there was a ‘buzz’ in the playground.

        We held auditions in the courtyard because we knew we would have lots of people entering. At 11 O’Clock and 1 O’Clock people came for auditions. We gave everybody a time to come. The six of us that were mentioned in the first paragraph, were judges for the audition.

        It was a Euro per act. The money was going towards prizes. The maximum time per act was 5 minutes. The max times you can audition is 3. Everyone who auditioned got a goody bag.

        Finally the day came of the Talent Show. It was a Thursday. We set up a stage by pushing a few small tables together. All the classes came to watch. My five friends and I made up a dance to a song called ‘Party for Two’. We did that dance at the end. There were prizes for first, second and third place in each category. When it was over the prizes were given out individually. Everyone clapped when the prizes were given out. It was the best Talent Show ever!!!