Talent Show!

Roisin Murray:

We are having a “talent show”. It is on Thursday the 16th of June. The auditions started Friday the 10th till Wednesday the 15th. This brilliant show will be in the halla. The six brilliant judges are Roisin Murray, Ali Hayes, Claire Meaney, Orla Boyle, Emma O’Sullivan and Eimear O’Shaughnessy. 2nd up to 6th can compete in the show.

Juniors, Seniors and First are welcome to watch the great show. The auditions were brilliant. The idea of the auditions, was so when they got up on stage they wouldn’t be messing or get stage fright.

        We have all different competitors. There are dances, songs, plays and poems. Even if you do not get through to the final, you still get a goody bag. There are excellent prizes. I hope we enjoy the show!