Third Class

March '04 - Feis Maitiu!!

This year Ovens National School has a new classroom. Third class have been selected as its new occupants. Here are their comments on the new building.

Hi I'm Mark, I'm going to tell you about our new prefab. Our prefabs ground is very soft. If you run in the prefab people can feel the vibration on the ground.  By Mark O'Regan

Our prefab is good for learning and other great stuff.  Our class is the newest of the prefabs.  There are lovely pictures up too.  We have two doors in our class.  Our class is wonderful.
By Emma Coleman

Our prefab has loads of room.  I like it a lot more than the building.  There are two doors in it.  There is a lot more room for the tables and chairs.  By Cathal Murphy.

Our prefab has been attached on to the fourth class prefab.  It's a bit bigger than the school classrooms in the school.  About a week ago we got a computer.  Everything is great here.  There's a toilet for the teachers, two small classroom and two big classrooms and last but not least the hallway. By Daniel

When I heard our classroom was a prefab I couldn't wait to go back to school. Our prefab is really nice and colourful.  There are 5 rooms in our prefab.  I think the prefab is great. By Emma Galvin.