Third Class 2004 - 2005

Third Class Poetry

My First Day At School

It was my first day at school
It was all going well until the bell.
Other kids ran out into the playground.
But I walked slowly towards the gate.

I looked around me I was all fenced up.
My teacher said I was a poor old chap.
I saw kids laughing and one crying.
I slowly walked over to her.
She slowly walked to me.

We were a long way from home.
And now we are all alone.
I looked at her she looked at me
And we both ran away.
I guess itís just our lucky DAY!

By: Aoife OíShaughnessy.

My Holidays

OK! Lets start at the start
I went to West Cork  
Yes, that part! It was so nice,
But so close, it could have been nicer
At an Australian coast!

Then we went to Pakistan or maybe
Or maybe just Iran!

Next we went to Spain,
Thank goodness it didnít rain!
The only thing bad was I got a pain,
So I donít think weíll go there again! 
But now Mum and Dad
Are heading for Rome,
But I think Iíll stay at HOME!

By: Claire Healy