Third Class 2004 - 2005

Third Class Poetry

My Hamster

In my bedroom upon the stairs
I have my hamster up on my chair.
Up on my chair he sits day and night
And when wakes up I bring him fresh food.
Yet he seems very quiet up there on my chair
Like he’s wondering what to do.
I am also wondering about when he will die,
I am wondering about what I will buy…
A dog, a cat or maybe a gold fish
I’m wondering what I will buy when he dies.

By: Ronan O’Toole

Snowman Out The Front.

I am making a snowman out the front.
I am afraid that my brother will give him a punt.
I really don’t know what to
Do and I am guessing neither do you.
My brother wrecks all my stuff
And I end up in a puff.
I am scared and my brother is raring to go.
The sun is coming the snow is going now.
What a waste of time poor me
But for the snowman R.I.P.

By: Donncha Kelly