Third Class 2004 - 2005

Third Class Poetry

The Poor Shop

In the poor shop where poor people lived
I saw a cake beginning to fall
I ran to the rescue but I was a bit too late so
I ran to my car and drove away
Then I saw a cake shop waiting for me
So I went in there and got a cake three feet tall
And drove back to the poor shop 
but I was a bit too late
So I went in there and said 
“Cake man here, I’ll give
you your cake”
And a cheer went up in the poor shop.

By: Niall Walsh

The Snowman

One day I went outside to
Make a snowman.
I got snow and made
A head and his body.
I got one eye and then its twin
and put them on the
snowman’s face.
But when I turned around the
Snowman fell apart.
I said “what a
Waste of time”!

By: Carrie