Third Class 2003 - 2004

Our School Concert
Our school concert was on the 28th April 2004. When I got to school a lot of my class was in the prefab. I played snakes and ladders and sticky people. I took of my top when were going to do our acts. It was quite cold  going up to Éire Óg. Before us 4th class did “If you don’t put your shoes on” then 4th class and us (3rd class) did Johnny’s songs (2 slides and Diarmaid agus Grainne). After that we did Cór Fheile 3rd class, 4th class some of 5th class and some of 6th class were in it. Steven from 5th was acting as Luke Kelly. In the Cór Fhéile there were a few songs and tunes, they were called A Nation Once Again, Fainne Geal an Lae,  Wrap the Green Flag Round Me Boys, Hand Me Down the Bible and Dirty Old Town. Then we went back to the prefab and sang a few songs played a few games and talked. Then my Dad came to collect me.

by Eric Stam